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At Nexus CAP, you are not just a patient, you are a valued member of our family. We take immense pride in our highly skilled staff and their dedication to your wellbeing. Whether you are a participant in Home Care Packages or seeking support from our diverse team of professionals from Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong, South Africa and beyond.

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Discover excellence in healthcare at Nexus CAP, your go-to destination for allied health services in Brisbane, Queensland, and across Australia. With coverage extending from Brisbane North and South to Logan, Beenleigh, Redbank Plains, and Ipswich, we aree here to serve you wherever you are. Our wrap around ecosystem is a one stop shop for 5 key services: OT, Phsyio, Speech, Dietitian and Psychology so you don’t have to tell your story too many times whilst accessing the same high quality care within the Nexus philosophy.

Our dedicated therapy team brings over five decades of combined post-university experience, ensuring you receive reliable care
and trusted clinical services. At Nexus CAP, we are committed to providing humane and dignified services, with a focus on quality, collaboration, and fostering meaningful relationships with our clients.


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Discovering The Nexus:
Where Connection And Capability Meet

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Unveiling the Nexus Philosophy

Our story begins with our belief in the Golden Rule: “do unto others as you would like others to do unto you”. This is the Nexus philosophy. Our name Nexus Cap is derived from two words: Nexus and Capabilities. Nexus is a Latin word. 

According to the standard dictionary, Nexus means “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things”. 

For example, the nexus between caring and healing; the nexus between hope and reality; the nexus between resilience and success; the nexus between aspirations and accomplishments.

Other words that carry the same meaning as nexus are: an intersection, a linkage, a connection, a knot, a hinge, etc.

We believe that all humans share a single origin, a single nexus. And that in the human family, we all have a part to play to make each other better and more successful. This is the embodiment of the spirt of Ubuntu as practised in Africa, to live in peace with one another. 

As we deliver individually tailored services to the community, we become the nexus between goals and reality; the nexus between networking, as an idea, and developing support networks to empower you to live your best life and connect into your desired services. 

We try to understand what you want to achieve and link you into a wide range of services. 

Where we cannot deliver a particular service, we work with trusted partners within a nexus web of services to help you in your journey.

Living the Ubuntu Spirit

In the spirit of Ubuntu, which emphasizes living in peace and harmony with one another, we recognize that all humans share a single origin and a single nexus. At Nexus CAP, we believe that every individual has a part to play in making each other better and more successful. This ethos guides our approach to delivering individually tailored services to the community.

Connecting Goals to Reality

At Nexus CAP, we serve as the nexus between your goals and reality, networking ideas into support networks to empower you to live your best life. We endeavor to understand your aspirations and link you into a wide range of services tailored to your needs. In instances where we cannot directly provide a particular service, we leverage our trusted partners within a nexus web of services to support you on your journey.

Our Values




Focus On Relationships

Our commitment to exceptional care starts with our dedicated staff. We value and invest in them to ensure you receive the highest standard of service. At Nexus Cap, you’re not just a patient – you’re family. Welcome to a new standard of care.



Focus On Clinical Excellence

At Nexus CAP, our professionals must embody high standards, exceptional service, and compassionate care. We seek top clinicians committed to excellence and aim to be Australia’s premier therapy provider.



Focus On Technology

We prioritize technology to enhance clinician experience and reduce client costs. Our paperless system and rapid report writing set industry standards. Nexus IP leads in AI-driven technology, with ongoing developments at Nexus Qube.

Our Expert

Tom is the Managing Director and Clinical Manager at Nexus CAP. He is a Lawyer and Businessman who previously worked at the National Disability Insurance Agency for 18 months. He is a versatile professional, a consultant lawyer currently focusing on allied health procurement, allied health contracting and structural governance. 

He has an outstanding record in gaining the award of Juris Doctor and he is also a holder of a Graduate Certificate in Applied Law from the University of Queensland, with distinction, focused on Business and Intellectual Property Law.


Tom’s Juris Doctor degree was achieved with a high distinction in his Capstone. Tom is the founder of Australia’s largest youth mentoring charity, M-YESINC and his achievements were recognised in the award of an Outstanding Queenslander of the Year 2016 by Hon Minister Grace-Grace. He works with talented professionals to build cutting edge innovations. 


Nexus CAP currently has one of the fastest and most reliable allied health report writing turn around in Australia and attracts talented clinicians from all over the world. Nexus CAP recently acquired Tools4Life OT and is now innovating this clinic and upgrading it into a multi-disciplinary practice incorporating physiotherapy, speech pathology and dietitian under the same roof. Tom is widely experienced in government policy, and has practised in the areas of employment law, bankruptcy, intellectual property and commercial law. Tom has operated as an experienced business strategist for both the NDIA and Services Australia and his knowledge is regularly sought after as an NDIS business consultant. Tom’s robust academic record is underpinned by qualifications in Applied Science, IT, Business and Law. He currently supports our teams with procedural guidelines, clinical governance oversight, IT innovation and legal. This support is crucial to clinical excellence at Nexus CAP. Tom also develops most stakeholder contracts and memoranda of understanding for collaborative work with partners such as the Edge Early Learning Centre and other key stakeholders.


When not at Nexus CAP, Tom is focused on parenting, connecting in the community, writing and living a healthy and fit lifestyle.