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At Nexus CAP, we excel at enhancing independence and providing humane and dignified services with a clinical commitment to quality outcomes.

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Strategies To Overcome Challenges

Supporting your Wellbeing :

tailored Insights to Get You back on track

Nexus CAP psychologists have a broad range of focus and they work compassionately with clients to help identify their strengths and create meaningful change. They seek to provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive space for clients to explore what’s on their mind. They take the time to listen to your journey, establish the foundation of a trusting relationship and try to profoundly believe in each person as an individual with their own personal experiences and look forward to supporting clients in re-writing their own narrative.

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Occupational Therapy

Achieve Your Occupational Goals

Unlock Your Independence:

Building Capacity for Success

We specialize in optimizing independence and goal attainment. Our Occupational Therapists (OTs) are essential team members committed to enhancing your daily mobility and self-care abilities. With convenient in-home assessments and a well-equipped clinic, we ensure personalized treatment tailored to your needs.

Improve your Speech, Language, Swallowing and Confidence

Speech Pathology

Building Your Speech, Language & Swallowing Capacity​

Empowering Your Vocal:

Embrace Clear Communication and Regain Your Confidence

Our skilled Speech Pathologists offer personalized strategies to improve communication and swallowing. With convenient home assessments and expertise in guiding functional improvement, we’re dedicated to enhancing your quality of life.

NDIS Speech Therapy

Customized support for NDIS participants, targeting speech and communication needs with evidence-based methods.

DVA Speech Therapy

Tailored services for DVA beneficiaries, aiming to restore communication skills and enhance quality of life.

Dysphagia & Swallowing

Expert care for swallowing disorders, promoting safe swallowing function and overall wellbeing.

embark on your journey to improved Mobility


Enhancing Wellness Through Mobility

Get Moving with Care:

Enhancing Mobility and Comfort with Compassion

At Nexus CAP, our physiotherapists are dedicated to devising strategies to help you improve your mobility and overall health. Our AHPRA trained physiotherapists can diagnose, treat and help prevent physical disabilities, prevent movement problems, including relieving pain, improving strength and restoring limb function after illness or injury. Our commitment is to help you achieve your maximum potential by supporting you to sustain your wellness and quality of life.

Consult with an Accredited Practising Dietitian Today

Nutrition & Dietetics

Empower Your Mental Well-Being

Empowering Mental Wellness:

Transform Your Health Through Personalized Dietary Strategies with Nexus CAP

Here at Nexus Cap, we are skilled in providing dietary strategies to help you achieve a healthy weight, reduce disease risk factors, and manage chronic health conditions. We know that dietary changes can be overwhelming, so we look at making the smallest lifestyle changes that have the biggest impact. 

Weight Loss And Management

Empower your health journey with personalized weight management and loss strategies.

Malnutrition Assessment

Ensure optimal nutrition with comprehensive malnutrition assessments tailored to your needs.


Reach nutritional goals with expert NDIS dietetic support for enhanced well-being.

start your journey to a healthier you!

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Leading allied health clinic in Brisbane. Expert therapy services nationwide. Over 50 years of combined experience. Dignified care, empowering clients. Psychology, OT, speech pathology, and more. Join our Nexus family today!

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Tom is the Managing Director and Clinical Manager at Nexus CAP. He is a Lawyer and Businessman who previously worked at the National Disability Insurance Agency for 18 months. He is a versatile professional, a consultant lawyer currently focusing on allied health procurement, allied health contracting and structural governance. 

He has an outstanding record in gaining the award of Juris Doctor and he is also a holder of a Graduate Certificate in Applied Law from the University of Queensland, with distinction, focused on Business and Intellectual Property Law.


Tom’s Juris Doctor degree was achieved with a high distinction in his Capstone. Tom is the founder of Australia’s largest youth mentoring charity, M-YESINC and his achievements were recognised in the award of an Outstanding Queenslander of the Year 2016 by Hon Minister Grace-Grace. He works with talented professionals to build cutting edge innovations. 


Nexus CAP currently has one of the fastest and most reliable allied health report writing turn around in Australia and attracts talented clinicians from all over the world. Nexus CAP recently acquired Tools4Life OT and is now innovating this clinic and upgrading it into a multi-disciplinary practice incorporating physiotherapy, speech pathology and dietitian under the same roof. Tom is widely experienced in government policy, and has practised in the areas of employment law, bankruptcy, intellectual property and commercial law. Tom has operated as an experienced business strategist for both the NDIA and Services Australia and his knowledge is regularly sought after as an NDIS business consultant. Tom’s robust academic record is underpinned by qualifications in Applied Science, IT, Business and Law. He currently supports our teams with procedural guidelines, clinical governance oversight, IT innovation and legal. This support is crucial to clinical excellence at Nexus CAP. Tom also develops most stakeholder contracts and memoranda of understanding for collaborative work with partners such as the Edge Early Learning Centre and other key stakeholders.


When not at Nexus CAP, Tom is focused on parenting, connecting in the community, writing and living a healthy and fit lifestyle.