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Are you experiencing challenges with communication or swallowing as an adult? Nexus CAP offers specialized speech therapy services tailored to address the unique needs of adults, providing comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment to support improved communication and swallowing function.

Our team of experienced speech pathologists is dedicated to helping adults overcome communication and swallowing difficulties through personalized therapy interventions. Whether you’re experiencing speech articulation issues, language comprehension difficulties, voice disorders, fluency disorders (such as stuttering), or swallowing impairments (dysphagia), we’re here to help.
During your initial assessment, our speech pathologists will conduct a thorough evaluation of your speech and swallowing abilities, considering factors such as medical history, current symptoms, and functional limitations. Based on the assessment findings, we’ll develop a tailored treatment plan focused on addressing your specific goals and challenges.
Treatment modalities may include speech exercises, language therapy, voice therapy, fluency techniques, cognitive-communication strategies, and swallowing rehabilitation exercises. Our goal is to improve your overall communication effectiveness, enhance vocal quality, increase speech intelligibility, and promote safe and efficient swallowing function.
In addition to individual therapy sessions, we offer education and support to help you manage your communication and swallowing difficulties in daily life. We’ll work collaboratively with you to develop practical strategies for overcoming communication barriers, improving social interactions, and maximizing quality of life.

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